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Founded by dealers and led by industry pioneers, ikon Technologies is building the standard for GPS solutions to ensure your assets are monitored and protected 24/7.

Redefining Automotive Intelligence

Ikon Technologies is based in Arlington, Texas and has built a strong reputation for developing innovative software solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our customized software solutions, combined with our innovative hardware/software platform and car GPS device, provides our customers with state-of-the-art telematics to monitor, protect, and optimize mobile assets throughout the United States.

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Meet iKON Technologies – Industry Leader Providing Automobile Dealers With Customized Software Solutions And Innovative Hardware

By: Techcompanynews.com

iKON Technologies is the telematics industry leader providing automobile dealers customized software solutions and innovative hardware on an always improving, state-of-the-art platform. Below is our recent interview with Sam Mahrouq, CEO at iKON Technologies:
Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe iKON Technologies?
A: Technology enhances the customer experience, and we are providing efficiencies previously unparalleled in the industry. Simply put, our solutions allow our customers to monitor, protect and optimize their mobile assets throughout the United States. We adhere to best practices. We are ethical; we do not exploit those around us.
Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?
A: One of the most significant challenges for automotive dealers is inventory management, that being where the vehicle is on the lot, how long has it been there, is it ready for sale, is the battery charged; where are the loaner cars, what is in collision repair, what is in the “get ready” process. There is a dire need for theft protection. Larger dealers can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every year because of reoccurring thefts.
We set up geo-fences around the dealership—tracking where and when the vehicles move. Another solution of which we are most proud is how we support dealers as they strive to retain their customers. We provide a tool for getting their customers back to the dealership for parts and service. And, I would just mention that this is one of the highest profit centers for a dealership.
Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like iKON Technologies?
A: Technology, data and analysis are impactful and driving business today. Auto thefts are on the rise, given the downward spiraling of the economy. Customers expect more services and product advantages. The solutions which I have described above are being welcomed. For iKON Technologies, the use of data is SMART marketing.
Q: What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business success?
A: iKON Technologies was developed by automobile dealers—for dealers. For example, I have owned and operated dealerships myself for decades. iKON invests in our technologies and our people to partner with dealers so they are able to gain and maintain complete visibility and access over their inventory, while using our innovations to improve customer retention, loyalty and trust. Simply put, our solutions allow our customers to monitor, protect and optimize their mobile assets throughout the United States. We adhere to best practices.
Q: What does the future hold? Where is the company headed?
A: As a technology leader, iKON is constantly improving and developing new features. By implementing behavioral analysis to assess speed, braking, oil and gas consumption, maintenance needs, and the like, we are able to provide information that benefits the consumer. We are making a positive impact on our communities by providing ways for reducing insurance premiums, promoting good driving behaviors, and improving significantly the “relationship” between users and their vehicles.
For dealers, we will continue to apply technologies to improve their customer engagement and provide helpful insights into their business. Let me say this, “push one button” and get all needed information about the company’s assets—that is the key. In the future, we will continue to establish win-win business transactions and partnerships that best serve the customers.

Entrepreneur Donates to
Local World-Class Museum

In a world full of social media, we often find ourselves relying on Instagram and YouTube influencers for the latest trends in art. Yet some of the most influential people might not even be active on social media, yet can have a greater impact on art than any digital influencer. Entrepreneur and longtime supporter of the visual arts, Sam Mahrouq, is a perfect example of this after his recent donation to the Arlington Museum of Art. The Arlington Museum of Art (AMA), located in the Dallas Fort Worth area, champions art education and community engagement, all while offering world-class exhibits featuring artists such Keith Haring and Pablo Picasso to name a few. However, the museum relies solely on private donations to continue bringing exceptional exhibitions to its visitors.

On February 27, 2020, the Arlington Museum of Art recognized Sam Mahrouq for his donation of $550,000. His generosity single-handedly retired the museum’s mortgage and laid the foundation for AMA’s future growth. In gratitude, Mahrouq received the naming of the AMA’s mezzanine level, comprising three galleries, which will now be known as the Sam Mahrouq Family Gallery. Sam Mahrouq’s business portfolio includes numerous companies under the Mahrouq Enterprises International brand, including eleven car dealerships, a finance company, and a real estate investment firm. iKON Technologies, a telematics firm in the United States and Mexico, provides innovative technology to the automotive industry. “The Arlington Museum of Art provides wonderful spaces in which everyone can experience art of all types,” said Mahrouq. “Its educational programming gives individuals from every walk of life the opportunity to engage first hand with stimulating fine art. I am proud of everything our museum is doing now and know that its position as a premier arts destination in the region will continue to grow.” Aside from his donation to the AMA, Mahrouq also made a generous contribution to the University of Texas at Arlington College of Business. “We are helping franchise dealers increase their profitability—and attain customer satisfaction and loyalty in greater numbers,” said Mahrouq. His efforts to support the Dallas Fort Worth community are influencing by helping important area institutions reach their goals so they can also better serve their communities.


UTA financial markets lab named for
philanthropist Sam Mahrouq

Feb 11,2020

Thanks to the $500,000 donation by entrepreneur and telematics leader in the automotive industry, Sam Mahrouq, chairman of ikon Technologies, the College of Business at The University of Texas at Arlington now provides students an active financial markets laboratory, integral to the success of graduates destined to become leaders and influencers in the global economy, ikon Technologies said in a news release. Mahrouq graduated in 1991 from UTA with a major in journalism and minor in business. While attending college, the native of Amman, Jordan, sold used cars to pay for his education and living expenses. Upon graduation, he established MEI Group.

Today the multi-dimensional company focuses on six business lines, including auto sales, financing, real estate, and innovative technology solutions. The Arlington Museum of Art recently recognized Mahrouq, a long time museum supporter, by naming its three mezzanine galleries in his honor.

Among Mahrouq’s newest enterprises in MEI Group is ikon Technologies, whose products are in such demand that operations are now expanding into Mexico and South America. “We are helping franchise dealers increase their profitability – and attain customer satisfaction and loyalty in greater numbers,” Mahrouq said. His love for buying and selling was inspired by his father, a school principal and part-time trader, and today he wants to spread “the trading bug” among college students, particularly those whom he recognizes are not likely to be as lucky as he has been, Mahrouq said in the news release. “I would not have been as successful if I had not been introduced to trading early,” Mahrouq said. “I want to provide tools for students at my alma mater to become intrigued and energized with buying and selling. That’s why I funded the Financial Markets lab on campus.

Students now have access to real-world experiences when they step onto the trade floor.” The Sam Mahrouq Financial Markets Lab includes the Bloomberg software system with near realtime data; up-to-the-minute analytics, and information covering every asset class and spanning companies, industries, markets, countries and regions.

The Princeton Review named UTA as one of the “Best of the West” in its 2019 Best Colleges: Region by Region rankings, and Forbes ranked the school No. 191 nationally on its 2018 Best Value Colleges list.

– FWBP Staff

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