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Our technology, innovation, and tools help manage your portfolio and asset recovery process.

Ikon Technologies helps you grow your
business with confidence.

Vehicle Recovery System

Monitor your most valuable assets as soon as they leave the lot. Set customized boundaries, alerts, and notifications for events that ensure your assets are protected.

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Mitigate Your Risk

Through our data verification tools, gain access to Skip Tracer, credit, employment, and criminal background systems. Our technology helps you make better credit decisions and, ultimately, greatly mitigate your risk.

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Reduce Impound Costs

Being notified quickly when one of your vehicles is impounded can be the difference between thousands of dollars in additional expenses.
Ikon Technologies notifies you of these occurrences and helps you greatly reduce such costs.

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Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Ikon Technologies takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts and does it for you! Stay connected and get your message in front of the target market that matters – your past customers.

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Data Verification Tool

DVT helps you better control risk. So you can lend with greater confidence, making possible to you to discover background information that the credit report doesn’t show.

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